Good old days

So you know how teenagers are full of ambitions and BIG dreams? Yeah welp, we were one of them! I was 15 and Ahmed was 19, he reached out to me one day with a super duper idea: Let’s make an online radio!!! (excited, yay!) we figured we hit the jackpot with all the stars and the ads that will come our way.

AntiBacteriaZone Cabins

The Covid-19 crisis has most likely affected all of us in very similar ways. The lockdown, the obsession with sanitation and fear of contamination has become major in our daily routine. While many of us were searching desperately for safe disinfection solutions for our homes and businesses, AntiBacteriaZone reached out to us for cooperation.

Learn From Freelancers Right Now

If recent global events have taught us anything about business, it’s that millions of people were ready to work remotely. Sheltering in place isn’t much different from what many freelancers were already doing.

Teaming up With MRC

Musanadah Rehabilitation Center is a project we worked so hard on for many reasons. It is not an ordinary rehab so their online platform cannot be basic or ordinary.