The Covid-19 crisis has most likely affected all of us in very similar ways. The lockdown, the obsession with sanitation and fear of contamination has become major in our daily routine. While many of us were searching desperately for safe disinfection solutions for our homes and businesses, AntiBacteriaZone reached out to us for cooperation.

ABZ is a Turkish-based manufacturer of disinfection cabins with agents in many countries in the MENA region and Europe. We needed to work intensively under a very tight deadline as there were many pending orders already. Thankfully, we delivered the corporate identity along with the 3D-modeling, motion video, product catalog,and website in less than 10 days! It was a period of long hours of work and little hours of sleep but it was worth it. Thanks to all our amazing team members for doing an outstanding job.

Honestly, we were impressed with ABZ’s cabins concept that we decided to step forward and sign an agent agreement (excitedly) in Egypt. So now Kray8 is not only responsible for their digital marketing campaigns and website management but also a sole agent for ABZ disinfection cabins.

Know more about the cabins and how they work:
ABZ 100 is a human disinfection system which creates a perfect solution for all types of high density and close contact areas such as businesses, educational facilities, and religious centers. The system uses pulverization (fogging) technology in which it sprinkles hygiene/sterilization liquid on each individual from head to toe in order to ensure cleanliness of clothes without wetting them. As soon as the person passes through the cabin, ABZ 100 automatically disinfects them in a quick and safe manner within seconds.

The presence of ABZ in any location encourages both personnel and visitors to be fully sanitized and sterilized which aids in the prevention of spreading contagious germs, viruses, and bacteria through clothes, shoes, or hand contact.

We wish everyone continues to stay safe and cautious, hopefully better days are to come.

For more about AntiBacteriaZone, visit the following link