So you know how teenagers are full of ambitions and BIG dreams? Yeah welp, we were one of them! I was 15 and Ahmed was 19, he reached out to me one day with a super duper idea: Let’s make an online radio!!! (excited, yay!) we figured we hit the jackpot with all the stars and the ads that will come our way.

We were three partners back then as Hossam Youssef (The Art Director of overpink), Ahmed’s best friend was with us in the project. We took it so seriously and spent lots of money (all our allowance back then) on preparing the whole platform. We had so many people around our age range in the middle east, applying to host their shows with us. We went ahead and named it Teenzclub so it would resemble us and our social circle. The three of us took turns managing and streaming 24/7 so we’d remain online at all times of the day so that Arab listeners who live on the other side of the world can still enjoy the music.

We met so many people that we are still friends with to this day through Teenzclub. Some stayed in the field of media and hold great positions today and others went on with different career paths while valuing the experience. To us it was something great that we shared, especially that Ahmed and I were living in different countries and it wasn’t easy finding someone your age with bigger passions than playing video games and going to the mall.

What pushed us further with motivation was the success we didn’t plan for. The fact that we were able to interview famous celebrities like Samy Youssef, Amr Mostafa, Grace Deeb and many others… It was fun feeling like a bigshot grown up and getting lots of attention from friends and peers.

It was a great start but it wasn’t where we were meant to be. A while later, each one of us was drifting more into their studies and finding more solid hobbies to spend time in. We moved on to different projects together and alone, not all of them succeeded for sure but looking back today, it was definitely worth it. It’s not one big thing but many little things that make you who you are.

To everyone reading this that has shared the Teenzclub experience with us, we wanna thank you and send you our love. Be blessed!