Musanadah Rehabilitation Center is a project we worked so hard on for many reasons. It is not an ordinary rehab so their online platform cannot be basic or ordinary.

Details matter, they matter for integrity, for security and re-assurance obtained from individuals looking to rid themselves from addiction and more importantly, their loved ones and families. What they will see on Musanadah’s online platform is what will make them create their first impression.

We decided to focus first on the colors that determine MRC’s identity, and then follow with taking actual photographs of how the place looks on a normal day. It is essential for every individual to have a virtual online tour so they have a realistic idea about where they’ll be spending the next few weeks/months of their lives. The first thing that caught my attention was their sparkling clean rooms, along with the beautiful scenery of the garden overlooking fruit trees and the crisp-water swimming pool. It is a tranquil atmosphere that encourages meditation and self-reflection, which is exactly what every resident needs at such times of their lives. 

We then proceeded to conduct several intensive meetings with MRC’s board members in order to gather data about their treatment plans and the recovery process. Our content creator had to be accurate and direct so that their vision can be interpreted in an exact manner.

After finalizing the website, we started setting up a structure for Musanadah’s social media plan with the general manager, Mr.Mohamed Hammam. What do we want to promote? It had to be informative and lightly educational, not just advertising the services of the rehab. We thought maybe someone suffering from addiction or substance abuse might come across one of our posts coincidently and become inspired to finally seek treatment. We wanted to show that recovery is possible, that life sober and clean is not any less exciting or fulfilling. On the contrary it is full of senses and value.

We are proud of being part of MRC’s family and will continue to support them along the way!