Diet and mental health

There is research to suggest that what we eat may affect not just our physical health, but also our mental health and wellbeing.

Eating well (i.e. a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and nutrients) may be associated with feelings of wellbeing. One 2014 study found high levels of wellbeing were reported by individuals who ate more fruit and vegetables.

10 Tips To Survive In The Egyptian Market

I just want to say one word for the young people who took the risk and started a new business in Egypt during the last years, CHAPEAU!  It has become a fact that in Egypt since 2011; the beginning of the revolution and till now, there is no settlement in the market and there is a noticeable disturbance

20 Pieces of advice from people over 60

Recently, a question was posed to those over the age of 60. The question was this: ’’What advice would you give to those who are half your age?’’ While the question seems simple, the answers may surprise you.

We suggest you read these responses — because it’s better to act on their invaluable advice now before it gets too late!