Over the years we offered hundreds of clients elite services. We helped them achieve more, gain more, reach more and pay less. With our smart innovative solutions, we will help you reach your goal. When it comes to web, we’re the experts! Using the latest tools and technologies to design and build websites, making sure you are on top of the market. Not only that, we can also help with creating your brand and identity.

Askexperts is one on one private live sessions with professionals from various fields including medical, law, business and more, Askexperts also offers counseling and guidance to parents in how to deal with their children whether it’s an age-related phase, mental health disorders, learning struggles or other issues.

Xshippers is a shipping and handling service that’s specialized in delivering any product of your choice from the United States to any country worldwide. Our process is very simple and hassle free. For those who do not have access to direct online payment, our delivery team can collect your order fees from your desired location or you can pay online through our payment gateways.

PrintPack is the first website that offers all printed and packing items online with immediate prices. We deal with the leading and factors to offer you the best preferable quality with affordable prices.
If you own a company, restaurant, school or hospital, you will definitely need to print many things. so, we made it easier for you and saved you the time on which you check every company and printing shops to inquire about prices which may be high with low quality. We helped you to have all of this available online with affordable price. We get you many products with new fabrics and they are customizable.

JetCare is your car’s new best friend. Specialized in premium car care. Our formulas include engine maintenance, interior cleaning & shine, tire care. We also carry a great variety of air fresheners that come in so many scents and designs.
Jet is specialized in developing smart car care solutions.
Our products are Leather cleaner and restorer, Dashboard and plastic trim cleaner and restorer, Tire and rims cleaner and restorer, Synthetic fabric cleaner, Motor cleaner, Glass cleaner, AC cleaner, Car Body cleaner and glance.

We are dedicated to understanding the needs of our customers. That’s why we offer a wide selection of flowers, potted plants and customized terrariums to suit any occasion.

A vast variety produced daily in our factory including bakes, eastern sweets and cakes. We cater individual and wholesale orders through our website and our own Vie Bakes stores.