We’re absolutely convinced that marketing

is an essential tool for every company’s success.

Therefore , having the skills and experience in many different fields that complete each other,

we vow to take your success as part of ours and always be the professional partner that you need.


We know very well how to present your messages in the form that goes with your segment and company character. Artwork at Kray8 starts with the business card design and continues all the way through the branding , brochures, flyers , and everything else you might need that involves design.

Web Development

We possess over 10years of experience in web development. Our mission does not end by creating a website for you. We will also walk you through corporate consulting and make sure your company is exposed in the right form and time.

Social Management

We are social media managers for several reputable brands. Our duty consists of managing everything in their page(s) from the very beginning artwork to the ads, their timing, exposure, and the rest, upon agreeing on the marketing strategy and all details that follow, a contract is set between Kray8 and the client on a monthly basis.

Interactive Apps

We provide mobile apps (Andriod & ios) Upon the needs of our clients. We can either create a whole new system from scratch which will be exclusively tailored to fill their demand , or go with something more simple and standard. We also provide management and accounting software to make daily work for employees less complicated.


Our photography team are guaranteed to excel in Food & Beverage , location , and product photography. After each session, you will be provided with a collection of HD enhanced and delicately retouched photos to be used confidently in printed and digital work.

Video Production

We create HQ promos for restaurants, factories, corporations, and product lines. We can also create animated videos to make it easier in raising awareness of certain campaigns. Another great marketing advantage is that we have a whole creative team that can produce viral videos to be used on social media for gaining higher exposure.

Prints & Giveaways

We print on EVERYTHING. We can give you endless options of print-on items and giveaways or we can simply turn your idea into a customized tangible item. Not only that but every while we will have new items in stock to print your logo on and use as a marketing tool or new year gift for clients/employees.


Our client network is huge and among our basic duties is to display their services and products in a great way. For that , we proudly supply state of the art led lights, security systems , central air conditioners and many more… Ask for any product you need and we promise to bring it to you in the most affordable price.


Because we have a passion for branding and new ideas, Kray8 is willing to help anyone that has a successful start-up idea . We can do so through creating a suitable fundraising campaign or through our wide range of services that allows them to be presented to the community in the right image.


We treat our portfolio like a resume. As our skills change and our business grows, so we update our portfolio reguraly.

We are always ready to help you